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Calix-E – EDTA Solution

Calix-E – EDTA Solution


•  EDTA – Ehtylenediaminetetraacetic acid in an aqueous solution.
•  Concentration: 17%
•  Calix-X is a root canal chelating agent that conditions and cleans through a chelation process. It is the irrigant of choice for smear layer and dentin mud and can be used as a final irrigant prior to obturation.
•  It is perfect as a lubricant when instrumenting tight canals because it contains a surfactant which enables the EDTA to wet the canal easily. It prepares dentin walls for better adhesion of filling materials.
•  It opens dentin tubules and enhances cleansing.
•  It is buffered to an optimum neutral PH. For best outcomes, the PH is more important than the concentration. As PH increases, the availability of calcium ions from hydroxyapatite for chelation decreases.
•  Gluten Free

Made in USA


• Item #28-00020 – 17% EDTA Solution – 125ml bottle
• Item #28-00021 – 17% EDTA Solution – 500ml bottle

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